strangest things seen on google earth

We are among the 10 strangest things found on Google Earth. For this list, we explore some of the strangest images of inspiring or totally mysterious images ever captured by Google Earth since its launch in 2005.

the world’s longest word

What is the longest word in the world? One name, only five letters, Hamid or at least, it was before it was erased. Commentary bin Amadon and Hyun, a member of one of the reigning families of the united Arab emirates, apparently wanted his name to be visible from the well accomplished mission space and how did he do it by carrying his name engraved on the Beach of the Sea of Futa, a private island he owns in the Persian Gulf, the letters are actually channels through which the water flows and spell the name of the billionaire.

the Kazakhstan pentagram

in the world, why not number the Kazakhstan pentagram located near the Russian border with Kazakhstan? This terrifying pentagram, yes, we know what you think: this state of the former Soviet Union is useless or the boys of Winchester are still on the lookout. That’s not what I think, that’s what’s in your particular conspiracy cocktail, this giant pentagram will scare away all Google Earth users who would have come across it by chance, unaware of how and why it’s there if demons are invoked accidentally in the area where we are. Know exactly what to blame.

An aircraft graveyard located in Tucson, Arizona

It  is a military base specially designed to serve as an aircraft cemetery, known as a boneyard. It is home to approximately 4,500 obsolete military and commercial aircraft. Thirty-five billion dollars would have thought a cemetery could be a gold mine. These planes are largelypreserved for theirworks, but they are sometimessold or renovated.

an accidental swastika

 it will not stop before the pictoary forbids the molded engine if you fly over San Diego with Google Earth, you may think that the Nazis were back. What you are watching watching the naval amphibian of the US Navy The construction of the Coronado base began on the complex in 1967 and there are conflicting reports as to whether the architects were invented to look like a swastika on an observation flight one way or another, it was a costly mistake of six hundred thousand dollars invested in giving it a more acceptable form.

Urgently Needed

Google Earth allows us to observe many wonderful sites, but for the most part, Street View captures ordinary everyday life and nothing more ordinary than this Madrid resident who just could not hide it behind a car , that person. whose sex remains indeterminate can be seen urinating in the open, which is even more funny, is the fact that they seem completely unaware of the vehicle adorned with photographic equipment rolling right behind them. Google has unknowingly shared the adventures of this stranger biting with the world. to remove it soon after it became viral.

baby in freedom

 they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one is worth a thousand questions: why is there a single baby on a sidewalk in Taiwan and why, next to a Gucci store, does the Google car stop to help? A disturbing photo remains strange and unexplained because we may be looking for answers, we can only guess what has become the famous baby Gucci of Taiwan. We hope she will find her parents if the story ends well. I love to see if babies are not in trouble. They were part of a film production.

pool of blood

this lake is of a particularly brilliant red. It is located in a sad city or in the city. Baghdad gives a scary picture. One might think that such a spectacle would lead to an investigation and explanations from local officials, but no definitive answer was revealed. the color is caused by a bacterium present in the salt, others blame the pollution, some even think that the tank serves as a dump at a slaughterhouse located nearby. This could be a modern scourge of biblical proportions, whether it be if you are in order. city may not be going swimming in this particular water body.

sleeping with the fish

this photo is straight out of a gangster film the barren shore and the trail of blood along the dock your imagination can not help but get dull it screams crime scene by looks a body has been dragged Google Earth has just solved his first murder case, unfortunately the truth is far less exciting than the photo suggests. In reality, it is simply a water trail left by a dog after going out of the lake business was unfortunately closed.

a doll village

 many years ago in Nagano Japanese artists Tsukimi Yano recognized that her small village was gradually diminishing and so she decided to do something about it. She did not start a campaign to attract young couples although she started making big dolls or Scarecrows often resembling recently deceased children or children who left and the tradition has made this little village a destination. touristic. There are now more than 350 dolls in Nagato and about 30 residents. The end result is a real journey on the virtual road offered by street. see if you suffer from Phobie of Pétiot or the fear of dolls avoid Nagato at a time.

honorable mentions

Online and in person, before revealing our number one choice, here are some honorable mentions, number one of the Gobi Desert in China if you fly over the Gobi Desert and you are plunged into a visual feast with its strange shapes and holes unexplained that make it a captivating show. Nuclear tests and military exercises may explain this candy to another world’s eyes, but others are harder to understand, leaving the door wide open to many wacky conspiracy theories. This mixture of white lines has been called a very detailed map of the streets of Washington. by curious online minds, what exactly is happening here, no one is sure, but it’s funny to think that Google Earth is your opinion.

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